barthdaye peresentu for Sakura-chan

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A shade of red appears on her face due to there closes contact. She shivers when she looked into his eyes. Her legs begin to shake “Please don’t do this to me Sasuke-kun…. You have played with my feelings enough…d-don’t…” She clenched her fist. She then says “but I-I can’t go down that easily!” She pulled the kunai up to his throat and pressed on it softly.

He places his hand on top of hers, gently pulling her hand away from his throat. “You can’t defy me, Sakura”

In a flash, he presses her against the wall behind her. His eyes still locked unto hers. 

"Just leave, alright? I don’t want to endanger you…"

He closes the distance between their lips, and let the moment be absorbed.

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“Sasuke, it’s good to see you.. what brings you here today?” The kunoichi offered the Uchiha a genuine smile with her lively visage falling to a rather luminous shade. It was always nice to have him around once in a while, so their encounter caused her to grow content.


"You" His answer was straightforward. He was usually the gentlemen, yet somehow today, he was feeling possessive. Was it that he misses her? Or was it that since today was her birthday he knew he’d have rivals.


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kids these days are so spoiled

when i was your age we had an animated disney castle intro

and we had to walk uphill both ways to see it

Barefoot, in the snow

In a blizzard

With wolves chasing us

10 miles

without a coat

on fire

set by adelle

as she watches it burn

as she touched your face

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First, a birthday greeting. And now, a smile—-!?

Perhaps today was the end of the world. What a day. She had expected her birthday to pass by in quiet ease, not filled with such surprises. But even so, she still found it difficult to accept the Uchiha—-

—…Maybe for today. If he were to remain this way, she would let her whimsical dreams to take over. The idea that they were twelve again.


"You’re not dreaming."

He wraps his arms around the pink haired woman. Burying his nose on her neck as he quietly nuzzles. “I’m sorry..” he breathes out, barely audible for her.

He clings on to her as of she’s the last hope he’d ever hold on to.

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She closes her eyes and her senses kick in feeling the cold metal pressed against her neck and her warm blood trickle down her neck. “I know you cant kill me sasuke…”She opens her eyes and holds her breath. “Right?” She stares into his eyes then narrows her eyes. “Don’t underestimate me sasuke” She then steps back fast and disappears behind him and put her kunai to his neck. She whispers in his ear. “Sasuke-kun plz just come home…don’t make me bring you back by force.”She said still on guard.

He smirks. He didn’t expect her to move with such speed. He turns his heel around to face her. His nose collides with hers. His eyes met hers.

"Force, you say?"

His blood red sharingan spun in a rapid motion, slowly hypnotizing her into a sleepy state.

"How can you when you’re already sleepy?"



“Happy Birthday…”


——!? Did Uchiha Sasuke just—…!?


The sudden affectionate gesture had her frozen, as she was unsure as to how to react. W-Was she supposed to be happy—-…angry?

A whirl of emotions made it difficult to think, but she knew that, despite how she might personally feel about him — he was only being courteous. “—..Thank you.”

"You’re welcome" he gives her a genuine smile, one that he was sure he had forgotten for so many years.